Living in Black and White

Hello everyone today I will be sharing with you the trend of using Black and White in your homes. Black and white is considered to be a classic yet a modern combination which can add elegance to your space. Its a timeless design color which have been found in the history of design and thus considered as a classic combination. Black and white is also considered as long term style investment. It is easily available in shops and abundance of options is available to choose from in interiors and decor shops.

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Latest trend this November 2014

Black and white trend was first started in early eighties which was first seen in the fashion world and later was followed by the interior world. In 1920, Coco Channel had invented the timeless little black dress around the same time the trend was brought by the modernist into the interiors as black furniture was placed against the plain white walls.

The use of white and black in decorating can create a stunning and dramatic decor. There’s a rule in decorating that says that “every room can use a touch of black.” Using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room.FullSizeRender

Black in accessories, light fixtures, trims, paint, or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects. Black by itself is striking! But to get real drama and spark, pair black with white. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. Black and white are a perfect color combination for any decorating style. If you’re afraid of using just black and white, add variety by adding areas of yellow, pink, camel, red, or purple for a striking look. Keeping black and white prominent, this preserves the elegant effect.


Walls painted stark white or a soft, ivory white serve as a perfect background for framed photographs, prints, and other artwork. Choose dark wood or painted black frames. Select stark black and white matting for your artwork or add a punch of color with red, gold, or black mats.

A small room is a great place to choose to use black and white as the main color scheme. A powder room or small bathroom looks elegant with a black marble countertop, white sink, and shiny gold accessories and fixtures. Trim lush terry towels with black ribbon or braid for a custom look without much work.


When shopping for fabrics, keep an eye out for colorful prints or plaids with touches of black. And there’s definitely still a place for colour when designing monochrome interiors! In fact adding a splash of colour to a black and white theme can freshen it and add appeal. Then add more black to the room with lamps, table trims, frames and mats, pillows, and door and hardware.

black and white bedroom

The use of grey color can soften the overall sharpness of a black and white palette, such as in the couch, a throw, or cushions. Fabric elements such as these add texture, which helps to create depth.


The blogger Holly Becker from Decor8 blog suggest using black and white with plants, fur throws, warm wooden furniture and accents, woven baskets and flowers, as they help in making the space look warm and add character.


Other simple ways of using black and white would be just paint your accent wall in simple modern style stripes this will give a nice look to your space and mix some color of your choice in the accessorize and fabrics. The other thing that needs to be kept in mind for using black and white is there should be a good source of sunlight in the room this will add little openness in the space.


Easy and simple to use try it in your next home renovation, use black and white try to make that as your base color. Experiment and play with other colors and textures. Hope you liked the ideas and enjoyed reading my post.


Photos taken from various websites on the internet.


Small and Calm Sea Inspired Apartment

This is my first post so I am really excited to share with you all my ideas and thoughts about this 49 square meter condo in a city away from the beach which has been designed by Van Acuna who have successfully worked on the beautiful concept of the beach by decorating with sea inspired accents and decor and have used a blue color geometric wallpaper on the wall of the living room and painted the walls blue and white in color making the apartment look calming and relaxing.

rlh pic 2


The wall color is inspired by the water and the sky. The other base color used in the apartment is white which is also used in the walls and the furniture is also kept white which gives a nice refreshing and airy feeling. The upholstery used by the designers is in ivory and linen which are also the colors of the beach.

real living nov.small apartment 1

rlh pic 2ed


It doesn’t matter if your home is small you can always try to plan things out and make the space feel like how you want by selecting the right colors and furniture. If you have a small room try to make it look more airy and spacious by using white as your base color as it reflects light and make the space look bigger. Use of mirror also help in creating the illusion of bigger space.

So next time if you have a small room and want to renovate or are moving into a new place which is not very big THINK BIG!!



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