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Why hire me as your online Interior Designer?

If you have always dreamed of designing your home but find the local designers expensive and feel it takes a lot more of time for getting the design done. Or you think you are smart enough to design your space but just need a little professional  guidance then also you can hire me.

I give you the best price for online designing so that you can easily transform your dream home into reality that too in your own budget, your style, and based on your lifestyle needs.

A well designed and planned home not only looks stylish and complete but also makes it more functional and practical in a beautiful way. When setting up a space “why not” do it a more planned and professional way after all it does involve time and money! When you plan you also tend to save money by buying only those items that you would really need. There are many things available in the market and you can get overwhelmed and confused and may buy items that you might not even require.

So save your self time and money and let me help you achieve your dream home.

Package 1: Complete design package:

Room design – 600 usd /2250 sar
Great rooms- 1200 usd/ 4500 sar
Bathroom/ Entry/ Hallway- 400 usd/ 1500 sar
Kitchen- 800 usd /3000 sar
Concept board
Mood board
Room layout
Shopping links
Steps and direction to implement.


Package 2 : Finishing touches package

Finishing touches for your home

This package service is for interior styling of any existing space at home that you may need help for giving that one good “Punch”. If you just want to refresh your existing room by keeping the furniture that you already own and just want to style up your room with a professional design help in your given budget. I can help you by sending you tips and online items that you can easily purchase and use it to add that “Finishing touch”. By just adding some beautiful accents and placing them in the right place and  making them  look complete and beautiful

Remember its all in the Details.



180 usd /670 sar

Mood board
Shopping links
Steps and direction to implement.

Package 3: Color scheme or paint selection package:

Colors can make a big impact in space. If you need help in deciding the color scheme of your home or just want to make a paint selection you can select this package.
80 usd/ 300 sar

The exciting part begins with these easy steps:

step 1: Select any of the above package.
step 2: Complete the questionnaire form. 
step 3: Send pictures of your space.
step 4: Send the measurements of your space with existing layout.
step 5: I will email you by replying to your request of design and will also send in the payment details.
step 6: After you have send the payment the design process will begin.




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