Hi and “Marhaba” (means welcome in Arabic) to my blog. I am Fatima Amir Jabeen from India but have been based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since I was a baby. I am a very simple person who loves art, color, interiors and designing is my passion. I love to learn new creative things and like to read about the new trends and styles in the world of interior design.

My style of designing is similar to my personality as I like simple décor with modern style but with a touch of glamour as interior design is all about styling your space and making it functional at the same time.

Well something more about my background I have done my bachelors in Interior Design from Dubai and then persuaded my Masters from Kuala lumpur in Malaysia. I have also worked in interior design firm and also have done freelancing here in Riyadh. I am married and have two kids.

As I love everything about Interior designing I wanted a place where I can store some nice ideas that I come across on the internet or in magazines and can also share them with other people interested in the same subject of designing homes.

The reason why I decided to start blogging and in particular about styling the houses in Middle East is because in countries as conservative like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia especially the rented houses or be to the big villas they are not very open in design plan they have very small windows and sunlight is blocked for most of the rooms this makes the home look very dull and dark. The reason why such construction is done is because of the Arabic cultural influence in practicing privacy. And secondly, the market for home decor is for majority of arabic taste so its very difficult to find furniture and decor in modern or contemporary style. So with the help of my blog I will provide you with tips and ideas how you can make your space look more lively and cheerful and not dry as the actual flora and fauna seen in the desert. (So now you know why I have named my blog “Designing De Desert”).


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