Designing de Desert

Marhaba Habibi!

Welcome to my Blog. I have always been passionate about interior design and catalogs like IKEA and Home Center have always inspired me in my childhood. Since I grew up in Saudi Arabia and that too as an expat I did not have any excesses to reach a lot of design magazines but that didn’t stop me from loving the world of Interior Design. I grew up watching Oprah and had a huge crush on Nate Berkus especially the way he would design spaces and give tips to make space look beautiful as well as spacious and functional. I would love watching makeover shows on television.

After my school I had to pursue myself in studying Interior Design so did my degree in interior design and later on, I also did my masters in it as well. Now I am married and have 2 kids both of them are boys and I am very busy juggling motherhood with my passion. I work as a freelancer and I have started this blog to stay connected with the design world and to keep myself updated with the latest trends.

I have been doing freelancing for about 6 years and have done residential projects in Riyadh. But now this year 2018 I have now moved to Jeddah.

In this blog I will be exploring the Souks, markets and furniture and decor stores in Jeddah I am new here so if you guys have any suggestions so do message me and if you think I should visit and explore.

I will love to design and style your space and if you need any help just contact me and I will be happy to plan, design and style up your space.

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