Finishing touches for your home

Finishing touches for your home


Finishing touches for your home by designingdedesert

I am starting a package service for interior styling of any space at home that you may need help for giving that one good “Punch”. If you just want to refresh your existing room by keeping the furniture that you already own and just want to style up your room with a professional design help in your given budget. I can help you by sending you tips and online items that you can easily purchase and use it to add that “Finishing touch”. By just adding some beautiful accents and placing them in the right place and  making them  look complete and beautiful.


Now this is what you will just have to follow:

  1. Email me on by telling me which space you would like to get help with, you can send me pictures of your space so that I can have a look and understand your required dilemma. You can also share with me your pinterest board.
  2. I will reply back to your email by sending a questionnaire asking about your budget and style and what you are not happy with in your given space.
  3. I will then make a moldboard for you with all the details and styling tips that you can easily follow.
  4. After you are satisfied with your moldboard I will send you the link for all your online items.
  5. I will be available to you by emails and online video calling as well.


The package cost is for only 180 USD/ 670 SAR.

Remember its all in the Details.



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