Interior design and its magic

Hi!!! It’s the summers and relaxing holidays still going on. There are no worries of getting up for school (getting some extra morning sleep one of the best part of the break). Since it’s the relaxing time and I am on my vacation in India I am getting some time out to think and wander my thoughts (which is mostly about interiors!!) I was just seeing some before and after videos on youtubes and then some on other design blogs as how creatively they transform a space from boring room to a  beautiful room by doing some space planning, working on a good color pallet  that would work for the function of that particular space and then finally they would style up the space with accessiories and other details and decor. Watching the before and after only makes me so happy and inspired so I can imagine how the people seeing their own spaces transform must be feeling .

Interior design is just not a money spend on luxury or making a room look lavish I think it’s a MAGIC which transform a dull boring space into a positive space and brings back the right energy that we actually need to make ourself happy.

Will be posting more soon. I am trying to fix a routine for my blog and give more time to it and plan to get back to writing more.

Stay blessed



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