Reading in March week 1

Hello again,

I am sharing some ideas that I have been loving from other blogs, sites and magazines this week. Do have look at them they are very inspiring.

1. Lovely outdoor beds shared by Censational girl these beds are super fun and best part they are outdoors well for a place as hot as Saudi Arabia they are not very ideal but if someone still wants them in their outdoor they can put them under a shaded area you can also make your shaded area by planting some greens that will make it even more relaxing.


2. Night stand styling tips by designer Jennifer Koper are just simply amazing something that anyone can try and make their night stand look fab and functional.


3. The third reading really did get me exciting as here in Saudi Arabia there is not much of natural light coming in the rooms which I am sure is the problem with the cold countries even though Middle east have ample days of sun and is a hot zone the houses here in Saudi Arabia have very dark rooms with little sunlight coming in one reason is because of the culture to practice privacy from outside. So this articles helps us how we can light up a dark space without even breaking a wall.

4. The last one is from Inside Out magazine issue love the idea of a small bathroom made to look so stylish and beautiful.




So this is all folks stay tuned for some more design inspirations.





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