Romantic rental apartment Iceland

Hi everyone,

Soon the winters are going to end for this year and spring is going to start well right now its the transition phase so we can get ready for spring..(happy).

Spring does remind of some romance the colours, flowers and the pleasant weather so today I am sharing with you all a beautiful rental apartment which is in a town of Akureyri, Iceland. I am in LOVE with the beautiful interiors. I am not a fan of classic or european style but the way this apartment have been designed with such beautiful detail its just gorgeous.

This is what the website said which I am just quoting here:

“Old world elegance and country charm. This straightforward apartment space is a simple canvas that has been transformed with great design and a light touch.

With a romantic and peaceful design plan and an enlightened mix of texture, muted earth tones and antique decor, Romantic Iceland apartment is a breath of fresh air. Simple and refined, the apartment features dramatic, dark wood floors with a textured and aged color palette that invokes old Europe.

Bathed in light with pure white accents, the alternating dark palette creates a dramatic and elegant effect. Designed by one of Iceland’s leading interior designers, Rut Karadottir, in collaboration with a local decorator, Audur Skuladotti this is a complete yet subtle overhaul.

Tranquil and inviting, the large fireplace hearth anchors the main living area which is furnished in 18th century period antiques and a graceful central chandelier. Luxurious lilac colors and earthy wood grained dining and area tables punctuate the minimalist design which can accommodate gatherings of six.

The kitchen is an uncomplicated and sleek upgrade with marble countertops and stainless appliances along with a cool pink refrigerator and is fully equipped.

The master bedroom features a king-size canopy bed and a graceful free standing bathtub for a serene and unexpected pleasure. The additional bedroom is bright and simple and sleeps two while the attached guesthouse below is a departure in tone and style and feels almost beachy in comparison. Pebble floors and simple clapboard accents and whitewashed interiors lend it a bright and uncomplicated flavor. With two twin beds this is a cozy addition to the main house.”


123456passagemaster bedroom 1master bedroom 2master bedroom 3bedroom 2.1bedroom 2.2bedroom 1Bedroom 3.1bathroom 1bathroom 2



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