Floor Seating ..Twist in the Majlis

Living in the Arab land has made me love the idea of using a Majlis. Majlis is an arabic word which means “a place for seating” it is also a term used to describe a place where guests are received and entertained. The most traditional way of majlis is the floor seating seen in the arab world. But floor seating is just not part of the arab culture it is also part of traditional homes in India, China, Japan and Morocco as well.


The idea of using floor seating need not be just traditional we can always modify the setting and make it look modern and simple. I know when I say the word Majlis you may imagine the traditional arabic seating which you might see in a typical saudi family home. Today I will share with you the idea of using floor seating in your homes and how it can make your space look modern and chic.


One of the main plus point of using a floor seating is that its very affordable and makes the room look airy. Its also child safe if you have small crawling babies in the house there is no fear of them falling down form the sofas. You can easily leave them in the living room and let them play around.


Its really easy to decorate a living room with a floor seating idea what you will need are some cushions and low height coffee table. With the use of cushions you can create different moods they also help in adding color and  texture to your space and also make your seating look more welcoming.


The other easy ways of creating a floor seating is you can use a mattress and cover them with a nice sheet and throw some pillows and cushions on them. Or you can just use big size floor cushions or poufs which are easily available in the market in wide range of variety. You can stack some floor cushions on the corner that can be picked up when there is a larger gathering.


I think floor seatings are fun and a very practical to use. You can also have small corner made in the children’s room where they can read a book or play games or you can also create a corner for yourself where you can just sit back or lie down and relax in the day time.


Let me know what you think of the idea of using a floor seating. You can email me on designingdedesert@gmail.com or just comment below the post. For more floor seating ideas you can visit my pinterest just click on the link given below.


Photo credit: Photos are taken from different website, Houzz, Pinterest and various other sources.


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